How to study at Department of Biotechnology

For Graduate students

1. Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program for Industry-University Co-creation


The aim of this program is to expose graduate students to state-of-the-art research skills and develop knowledge of advanced biology, chemistry and physics to harness the potential of biotechnology.
You can see the information about laboratories from the above URL.

For Master’s Degree Program

This program will admit both Japanese government scholarship students and privately-financed students. The number to be admitted will be 5 for Japanese government scholarship students and 10 for privately-financed students.

Japanese Government Scholarship Students Privately Financed International Students
Possible Cases Students who apply to the scholarship from the Japanese government (handled by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, MEXT) Students with other financial support(s), including recipients/applicants of Government scholarship in each country, scholarship from a private company/foundation, and the MEXT scholarship through Japanese Embassy
Enrollment October April and October
Application November Enrollment in Apr. July/October
Enrollment in Oct. October/May

※The conditions would be subject to change.
Please kindly check the website for the newest information.

For Doctoral Degree Program

This program will admit only privately-financed students.
The conditions for privately-financed students are same as the above table.
*Students with the MEXT scholarship through Japanese Embassy are regarded as privately-financed students.

2. Osaka University International Certificate Program


※ Please check if your university has an active university-wide agreement (or active and relevant school level, discipline specific student exchange agreement if the conditions are met) with Osaka University before you apply.

  • Osaka University International Certificate Program (OUICP) is a new educational program commenced in 2020 in collaboration with Osaka University Joint Campus counterparts in ASEAN Countries.
    * Osaka University issues a certificate upon successful completion of the program on a specific field with 6 to 8 credits.
  • OUICP is for Graduate students of Joint Campus counterpart universities and working people (non-students) who have received at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Participants in the program have to practice Practical Study Abroad (PSA) course and study at Osaka university for at least 60 days in one or more of preferable term(s)*.
    (For 2020-2021) *Winter Term (December 2 – February 5) / Spring Term (April 9 – June 10) / Summer Term (June 11 – August 7)

3. Double Degree Program


This program allows graduate students to register as regular students at Osaka University and an overseas university holding a double degree agreement with OU simultaneously and obtain degrees from both.

For Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students ※Exchange Program (short term)

4. FrontierLab@OsakaU


FrontierLab@OsakaU is a program for placing international students in laboratories of the following schools: Science, Engineering Science, Engineering, Information Science and Technology, or one of their departmental schools for a period of up to 12 months. Participants can also take international exchange subjects and Japanese language, or other related subjects if they wish. This program was created for international students to conduct thematic studies and achieve results under the guidance of teachers while acquiring skills necessary for continuing research in one of Osaka University’s internationally renowned science and technology laboratories.
We have 2 types of enrollment status.

  1. Special auditors: students take classes and can earn credits.
  2. Special research students (only graduate school students): students receive guidance on research and cannot earn credits.



OUSSEP, Osaka University Short-term Student Exchange Program, has been designed for students in the 3rd or 4th year of an institution that has a student exchange agreement with Osaka University.
An OUSSEP student is enrolled as a Special Auditor for 1 or 2 semesters (approximately half-year or full year) while retaining his/her enrollment status at his/her home university. Participants take special academic lectures taught in English referred to as International Exchange Subjects. Japanese students are also encouraged to take the International Exchange Subjects, so taking these classes provides good opportunities to nurture friendship.

6. iExPO


In the iExPO (Immersion Exchange Program Osaka), schools and graduate schools at Osaka University accept international students from institutions with an exchange agreement with OU. Students are able to freely choose classes from courses there and conduct research under the guidance of a teacher. However, international students in this program are required to have a good level of fluency in Japanese language in order to take classes for regular students. Students joining this program can take classes or receive research guidance at the school or graduate school as special auditors or research students without a change in their status at their home university.
We have 2 types of enrollment status.

  1. Special school auditors: students take classes and can earn credits.
  2. Special research graduate students: students conduct research at their graduate school or research institute; they do not earn credits.

※Exchange Program is only for the students of partner universities which has concluded an agreement on the exchange of students with Osaka University.

For Admissions

Graduate Undergraduate
(over 3rd year students)
Degree Agreement with your university Tuition Scholarship Term
Biotechnology Global Human
Resource Development Program
for Industry-University Co-creation
Yes No possible Not needed See the
available long
Osaka University International Certificate Program Yes No No needed *waived available **short
Double Degree Program Yes No possible needed *waived available long
FrontierLab@OsakaU Yes Yes No needed *waived JASSO **short
OUSSEP No Yes No needed *waived JASSO **short
iExPO Yes Yes No needed *waived JASSO **short

*The condition about tuition waiver is different from the agreement of each university. Please kindly check with your university about the condition.
**”short” means short course.

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