Osaka University, International Center for Biotechnology (ICBiotech)

2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita 565-0871, Osaka
TEL: +81-6-6879-7455 / FAX: +81-6-6879-7454
EMAIL: info_icbio(AT)
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ICBiotech is in Suita Campus in Osaka University.
We recommend that you take Kita-Senri Station (last stop on the Hankyu Senri Line) or Senri-Chuo Station (Kita-Osaka Kyuko (Osaka Subway Midosuji Line) or Osaka Monorail),if you are visiting us for the first time,

Access from Kitasenri Station (Hankyu Railway Senri Line)

(On foot)

Turn right (facing east) out of the ticket gate and go down the stairs after crossing the pedestrian bridge①. Go straight to the intersection facing north, then turn right (facing east) and follow the road straight. Enter the park at the end of the street, walk around Zuion pond, and come out to the road to find Suita Campus Senri Gate. (Walk along the orange line on the map above.)

(Hankyu Bus)

Turn left at the ticket gate and go out to the rotary in front of the station. Take Hankyu Bus No. 175 (bound for Onohara Higashi) from the bus stop (No. 4) in front of Kitasenri Aeon.

Kitasenri Station Bus Stop (No. 4) Kitasenri Bus Stop Information

Hankyu Bus No.175 Timetable

2 minute walk from the Handaiguchi bus stop ② on the map above. Onohara Gate to Suita Campus(Walk along the red line on the map above.)

Access from Senri chuou Station (Kita-Osaka Kyuko Line / Osaka Monorail )

(Hankyu Bus)

Exit the north ticket gate of Senri-Chuo Station on the Kita-Osaka Kyuko (Midosuji Subway Line) and take the stairs to the ground level.

Senri Life Science Building

Bus stop across the street to the north (Senri-Chuo Station bus stop #12)

Senri-Chuo Bus Stop Information

Hankyu Bus No.175 Senri-Chuo Bus Stop Timetable

2 minutes walk from the “Handaiguchi” bus stop ②. 2 minutes walk from the Onohara Gate to Suita Campus.

(By taxi)

From Senri-Chuo Station on the Kita-Osaka Kyuko Line (Subway Midosuji Line) Exit at the Central North or Central South ticket gates and go up to the first floor to find a taxi stand.

For information on how to get to Osaka University Suita Campus from the greater Osaka area, please visit the Osaka University website.

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