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Fujiyama Laboratory

 Fujiyama Lab Website (opened: January 6, 2011)

Research Topics

Applied microbiology laboratory chaired by Prof. Fujiyama.
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Production platforms for recombinant pharmaceutical proteins have well developed using yeasts, insect cells, plants and etc. The resultant proteins are glycosylated in a manner different from that in the corresponding native host, and thus these proteins are devoid of biological functions. Therefore, system to properly glycosylate the target proteins is urgently required.

Currently, antibody production with human-type glycan structures are in progress in this laboratory using plant suspension-cultured cells and plant itself by introducing human glycosylation system into plant. This plant system has some advantages, because it uses solar energy, not fossil fuels, and free from animal pathogens. In addition to plant cells, we are exploring potential of glycosylation in several host cells including insect cell system, and are on the way to establish technology to produce recombinant proteins possessing human-type glycan structures.

Research topics

 Development of recombinant protein and biologically active substances using molecular biology techniques.
  • Production of human glycoprotein in E. coli, yeasts, insects, plants, and mammalian cells.
  • modification of the glycan- processing pathway.
  • Production of biologically active substances by molecular breeding of microbes and plants.