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Updated on February 22 2019
Workshop on Collaboration between Osaka University and Japanese companies
for global human resource development in the field of biotechnology

The Eighth Workshop on Collaboration between Osaka University and Japanese companies was held. Representatives of industries engaged in the biotechnology industry were introduced to the international students enrolled at Osaka University for the purpose of attaining international human resource development. A total of eight enthusiastic companies attended the meeting. Companies, faculty members and students introduced themselves and their activities to one another. Students were able to know about the Japanese companies and how to apply their scholarly works in the industrial biotechnology setting. Adding to the great success of this meeting are the lively discussions and exchange meetings which have resulted in a deepened understanding of each other. We always welcome your participation.
Next event: undecided
Detail: We will inform you at the HP.
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For the past of the Workshop,click here

2019.10.11 UPDATE

Cooperative Research Station (CRS) is updated.

2019.10.2 Visitor

Three members of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, visited ICBiotech.
Prof. I Nyoman Pugeg Aryantha
(Dean, School of Life Sciences and Technology, ITB)
Note: Nyoman-sensei is full Prof not Assoc. Prof
Assoc. Prof. Fenny Dwivany
(School of Life Sciences and Technology, ITB)
Assoc. Prof. Elfahmi
(School of Pharmacy, ITB)   Photo

2019.10.1 UPDATE

"Organization" - "Center Staff" and "Guest/Visiting Professors" are updated.

2019.10.1 New comer

Two students of Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program (English course) were assigned to ICBiotech; 2 to Fujiyama lab.

2019.10.1 New member

Dr. Hiroyuki Kajiura joined as Assistant Professor of Fujiyama Lab.
We are happy to have him at ICBiotech.   Photo

2019.9.26 Visitor

Two members of Biotechnology Center, Technology and Evaluation (NITE) visited ICBiotech.
Visitors: Dr. Hiroko Kawasaki (Ms)    Dr. Hiroshi Kinoshita (Mr)

2019.9.9 Visitor

Five members of Airlangga University, Indonesia, visited ICBiotech.
Prof. Dr., DVM., MS Nunuk Dyah Retno Lastuti
(Senior Lecturer - Professor)  
Prof. Dr., DVM., MS Lucia Tri Suwanti
(Senior Lecturer - Professor)
Dr., DVM., M.Sc. Tita Damayanti Lestari
(Senior Lecturer)
Dr., DVM., M.Kes. Rimayanti
(Senior Lecturer)
Dr. DVM., M.Si. Tatik Hernawati
(Senior Lecturer)   Photos

2019.9.6 The 1st MU-OU Joint Symposium

The 1st MU-OU Joint Symposium was held at Mahidol University, Thailand. Detail

2019.8.4 Student Exchange Support Program

The Student Exchange Support Program (4 Aug. - 7 Sep.) supported by JASSO has started. Six M1 students of Fujiyama lab. and Lab. of Molecular Microbiology participate in the program at the following universities;
7 students at Chulalongkorn University, 5 at Kasetsart University, 5 at KMUTT and 5 at Mahidol University, Thailand.

2019.8.1 UPDATE

"Organization" - "Center Staff" is updated.

2019.7.25 Farewell party

We had a farewell party for Ms. Chiyoko Katayama (Assistant). She left on July 25. We are very much grateful for your cooperation.    Photos

2019.7.22 Master Thesis Presentation

Three graduate students in ICBiotech(English course)have successfully presented a defense of their master thesis.    Photos

2019.7.12 Visitor

Prof. Shojiro Nishio (President of Osaka University) and Prof. Genta Kawahara (Executive Vise President of Osaka University) visited CRS located in Chalermprakiat Building, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.
CRS is a cooperative reserach station in Southeast Asia as well as functioning as a schooling station under the Joint Campus Project.    Photos
It was introduced on the web site of Osaka university and Osaka university ASEAN center for academic initiatives.
President Nishio visits Osaka University ASEAN Campus in Thailand
Mahidol University Visitation

2019.7.10 UPDATE

"Publication"-"Annual Report of ICBiotech" is updated.

2019.7.5 Visitor

Mr. Le Quoc Tuan(Assoc. Prof., Dean ,Fac. of Environment and Natural Resources, Nong Lam University, Vietnam) and 7students visited ICBiotech, Fujiyama Lab.    Photos

2019.6.26 Visitor

Ms. Amornrat Aroonnual( Lecturer, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Faculty welfare ,Fac. of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand) visited ICBiotech, Fujiyama Lab.    Photos

2019.5.20 Visitor

A delegate from Suankularb Wittayalai High School students in Thailand visited ICBiotech, Fujiyama Lab.    Photos

2019.5.15 Academic Staff Position Openings

Recruitment: Professor at ICBiotech, Osaka University   Details
Application deadline is July 15th, 2019.

2019.4.10 Welcome party

We had a welcome party for Ms. Yuriko Uda (Administrative Assistant).   Photos

2019.4.1 Final presentation

Presentation on research outcomes of Student Exchange Support Program (4th Phase) was completed.   Photo

2019.4.1 New comer

Ms. Aun Praoparotai (Mahidol University, Graduate School of Tropical Medicine, Thailand), Special Research Student, joined ICBiotech and makes her research at Fujiyama Lab. for about a month.

2019.4.1 New comer

Mr. Tuan Hoang Viet (Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vietnam National University-Hanoi, Vietnam), Visiting Researcher, joined ICBiotech and makes his research at Fujiyama Lab. for about a month.

2019.4.1 New comer

New B4 students were assigned to ICBiotech.
Fujiyama Lab.: 6 students of Biotechnology Course and 1 student of Chemistry-Biology Combined Major program
Molecular Microbiology Lab. :3 students of Biotechnology Course

2019.4.1 New member

Ms. Uda joined as an administrative assistant. We are happy to have her at ICBiotech.

2019.4.1 UPDATE

"Organization" and "ICBiotech Exchange Agreements" are updated.

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