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 The Objectives of the Conference series

The conference series aims

1. To share and review achievements and challenges from the previous long-running successful biotechnology programs; ”UNESCO International Post-Graduate University Course in Microbiology” (1973-2003) and “UNESCO Postgraduate Inter-University Course in Biotechnology” (2004-2007), in terms of establishing regional capacities, knowledge and public awareness in biotechnology for sustainable development, contributions to the improvement of international research networking and collaboration, and enhancement of professional careers of the individuals

2. To present, recognize and share knowledge, experiences, ideas, motivation and the current situation on the regional HRD in the filed of biotechnology from different standpoints, such as educational, academic, political, economical and industrial field.

3. To make proposals to improve the regional HRD program in biotechnology, addressing the visibility of the program, its attractiveness and usefulness from a regional stand point, and sustainability

4. To provide an excellent networking opportunity among the participants playing an active role in the current biotechnology and HRD in the country

Workshop of the UNESCO Regional Network in Microbiology and Biotechnology aims

1. To present and recognize the general overview of current situation and status of HRD in the field of biotechnology from educational, political and industrial stand points in the region

2. To review the previous biotechnology programs and the outputs of the conference series

3. To develop a conceptual framework for a new HRD program in biotechnology for sustainable development in the region, addressing the visibility of the program, increasing the attractiveness and usefulness from a regional standpoint, and its long-term sustainability

4. To provide networking opportunities to the delegates that facilitate further collaboration across the region in the field of biotechnology