Workshop & Seminar

26-27 October 2011
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【JSPS Asian CORE Symposium 2011】
・Joint seminars and seminars for young researchers

Seminar for young researchers was held in Bangkok(Thiland)

26th(Wed.) 27th(Thu.) October
The Imperial Queen's Park Hotel

TBS 2011

14th-15th Oct.2010
JSPS asian CORE Program(2009-2013) Hanoi Meeting
“Next-Generation Bioproduction Platform Leveraging Subtropical Microbial Bioresources"
14-15 October ( Thu.~ Fri.) 2010
Center For Women & Development Conference Hanoi, Vietnam


Photo: Young Scientists Seminar 2010

Photo: Joint Symposium 2010

7th March 2010
JSPS Asian CORE Mini-Symposium 2010

・Welcome address:Prof. Takuya Nihira (Osaka U) Prof. Watanalai Panbangred (Mahidol U)
・High throughput detection of anti-microbial peptides from lactic acid bacteria (Sonomoto Team)
・Phytases and polysaccharide hydrolases from microbes and metagenomes (Asano Team)
・Analyses of microorganisms and enzymes responsible for biomass decomposition (Ohtake Team)
・Development of a Bioprocess Technology to Convert Potential Raw Materials in Thailand into Value-added Chemical Products(Igarashi Team)
・Closing remark
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14th December 2009
Young Scientists Seminar 2009

・Bioresources: Their Potentials & Applications In the Asian Core Program(2009-2013) entitled
・Next-Generation Bioproduction Platform Leveraging Subtropical Microbial Bioresources
・Hosted by Mahidol University
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YSS Poster Mini Sympo2010

Dr.Kanyawim Kirtikara (BIOTEC:National center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology)
Prof.Dr.Morakot Tanticharoen(BIOTEC:National center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology)
Dr.Choosri Keedumrongkool(NRCT:National Resarch Council of Thailand)
Dr.Tatsuji Seki(Osaka University Bangkok Center for Education and Research)

Seminar" 14 Dec.2009."

Published by International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka University, 2009