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February 2011
・ Dr.Sugiyama(Osaka.U) will come to Mahidol University in Bangkok.
January 2011
・ We will hold the domestic meeting at Osaka U. on 17th Jan.
Place:ICB, Osaka University.
・Prof.Nihira will go to Laos for discussion.
December 2010
・ Dr.Ohashi (Osaka U.)went to Kasetsart University in Bangkok.
・ Dr.Ohashi had the presentation at the 5th Thai Mycological Conference.
・ Prof.Fujiyama went to Kasetsart University for the joint research.
・Dr.Kitani went to Phnom Penh University in Cambodia and called at Laos.
Dr.Khanok Ratanakhanokchai stayed at Mie University in Mie Prefecture ten days.
・Prof.Nihira went to Laos for the discussion about joint research.
Ms.Mayura(Mahidol U.) returned to Thaialand from Osaka.
November 2010
・ Ms.Mayura(Mahidol U.) came to ICB,Osaka University.
October 2010
・ We held two seminars and cooredneter meeting in Hanoi. Meeting Place: Center for Women & Development  Address: 20 Thuy Khue - Tay Ho District - Ha Noi - Viet Nam. Phone: (+84) 04.37 280 280, Fax: (+84) 04.37 281 035
JSPS Young Scientist Seminar2010:
JSPS Joint Seminar 2010:
JSPS Cooredineater meeting 2010 in Hanoi: Participator:Prof.Asano(Hokkaido U.), Prof.Igarashi(Toyama Prefecture U.),Prof.Sakka(Mie U.),Dr.Zendho(Kyushu U.), Prof.Ohotake(Osaka U.),Prof.Hirata(Osaka U.),Dr.Honda(Osaka U.), and Prof.Nihira. Dr.S,Osaka University.
September 2010
・ Dr.Sourioudong SUNDARA(The National Authority for Science and Technology(NAST) Laos will come to ICB,Osaka University.
August 010
・ Dr.Sourioudong SUNDARA(The National Authority for Science and Technology(NAST) Laos will come to ICB,Osaka University.
July 2010
・ Dr.Sourioudong SUNDARA(The National Authority for Science and Technology(NAST) Laos will come to ICB,Osaka University.
June 2010
・ We will hold "The Young Scientist Seminar 2010 "at Hanoi in October.
・ Prof.Nihira stayed in Bangkok at end of June.
・ The site of Photo Gallery ("Mini-Symposium 2010") were updated.
The site of Photo Gallery ("The Young Scientist seminar 2009") were updated.
May 2010
・ Mr.Thao Sokunthia (Royal University of Phnom Penh) came to ICB for discussion about the activities of this program.
・ We decided on the date of the training for young scientist.
Place: CRS in Mahidol U.
Period: July,August.
・ Prof.Nihira came to Bangkok.
April 2010
・ We held the meeting at Mahidol U. in Bangkok on 27th (Mon.) April.
・ Prof.Nihira coordinated the meeting at Bangkok.
・ "Proceedings JSPS Asian CORE Mini-Symposium on Bioproduction Platform Leveraging Subtropical Microbial Bioresouces"was published.
・ We held the domestic meeting at Osaka U.
・ Dr. Wichien Yongmanitchai (Kasetsart U.) called on Fujiyama-lab in ICB, Osaka U.
・ Ms. Pattra (Mahidol U.) stayed at Nihira-lab in ICB, Osaka University.
March 2010
・ We held a symposium "JSPS Mini Symposium 2010" at Century Park Hotel in Bangkok on 7th(Sun.) March.
・ Prof.Nihira came to Bangkok for coordination of the symposium.symposium.
・ Prof.Yasuo Igarashi (The U Tokyo), Prof.Sonomoto (Kyushu U.) , Dr.Teruo Sone (Hokkaido U.) and Dr.Kousuke Honda (Osaka U.) attended the symposium.
・ Prof.Fujiyama called on Kasetsart U.
・ Prof.Harashima called on Mahidol U at the end of March.
Feburary 2010
・ Dr.Minetaka Sugiyama (Osaka U) stayed at Mahidol U.
January 2010
・ Dr.Yoshinobu Kaneko (Osaka U.) stayed at Mahidol University.
・ Prof.Satoshi Harashima (Osaka U.) discussed the issue with Dr.Chunchit Boonchird at Mahidol U.
・ Dr.Nguyen Quynh Uyen (IMB, Vietnam National University Hanoi) stayed at Kyushu U.
December 2009
・ We held a "The Young Scientist Seminar" at Mahidol U. on 14th(Mon.) Dec.
・ Prof.Eiichiro Fukusaki (Osaka U), Prof.Fujiyama, Prof.Nihira came to Bangkok for the seminar attendance from Japan.
・ Dr.Duong Van Hop (The Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi), Prof.Sokunthia Thao (Royal University Phnom Penh) and Dr.Sourioudong SUNDARA (The National Authority for Science and Technology(NAST)Laos) attended the seminar and the coordinator's meeting.
・ Dr.Prof.Tatuji Seki (Osaka U.) attended the YSS Seminar.
・ We had the coordinator's meeting of JSPS Asian CORE Program on 15th(Tue.).
・ Prof.Savitree (Kasetsart U.) called on ICB, Osaka University.
・ Prof.Kazuo Sakka (Mie U.) stayed at School of Bioresources an Technology, King Mongkut's UniversityTechnology Thonburi(KMUTT).
November 2009
・ The application of "the Young Scientist Seminar 2009 "was closed.
October 2009
・ Prof.Sonomoto decided to begin new joint program, with Dr.Nguyen Quynh Uyen.
・ Prof.Nihira had a meeting of Young Scientst Seminar 2009 in Bangkok.
・ Dr.Wichen (Kasetsart U.) called on Fujiyama-Lab.(Osaka U).
・ Prof.Nihira and Prof.Fujiyama had meeting at Hanoi.
September 2009
・ Prof.Kenji Sonomot(Kyushu U.) went to Hanoi and called on the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology ,Vietnam National University Hanoi.
・ Prof.Nihira went to Hanoi and arranged to begin the new research project.
・ Prof.Yasuhiro Igarashi(Toyama Pref. U) went to Hanoi and started new experiment at the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology ,Vietnam National University Hanoi.
・ Dr.Shigeru Kitani(Osaka U.) stayed in Royal University Phnom Penh, Cambodia and began to teach the skill of experiment.
August 2008
・ Prof.Kazuhito Fujiyama went to Bangkok for discussion with research partnaer in Kasetsart U.Bangkok.
・ Dr.Ryou Misaki(Osaka U) stayed in Kasetsart U. for new joint research for 3 weeks.
July 2009
・ Prof.Nihira went to Laos and Cambodia for arranging this program.
・ Young Thai scientists and Prof.Nihira started to arrange about a seminar.
・ We decided to hold the Seminar on 14th December 2009.
June 2009: Discussion in Hanoi
・ Prof.Nihira went to Hanoi for discussion about JSPS program,he talked with Dr.Hop who is director in Vietnam.
・ Prof.Nihira had the meeting with director of Thai JSPS Program.
May 2009
・ Prof.Nihira could not go to Hanoi and had meeting next July.
April 2009: Meeting in Bangkok
・ We held the first meeting of JSPS Asian CORE Program at CRS in Mahidol University on 29th April.
・ Prof.Takuya Nihira (Osaka U.) came to Thailand for arranging the meeting.
Attendance:Mahidol U., Kastsart U.,Chulalongkorn U.,King Mongkut's UniversityTechnologyThonburi,National center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)
 3 June.2010 update